We offer services in the field of technical advise, innovation and services of custom machine production, such as cutting, machining and roughing, forming and welding.

Services of the design office

  • Services in the field of planning and design
  • 3D modeling of moulds and 3D animation of production processes
  • CNC programming up to five axes - creation of software for a computer controlled machine-tool

Services of mechanical production

  • material cutting:
    • with waterjet (clamping table area 3 x 2m)
    • plasma cutting (clamping table area 3 x 1.6 m)
    • oxy-acetylene cutting
    • cutting with band saw, etc.
  • CNC machining 3, 4 and 5 axes, we are equipped with the following centres:
    • vertical (clamping table area of 1.27 x 0.61m)
    • horizontal (clamping table area 1 x 1.12 m)
    • portal (table clamping surface 2 x 1-1.6 m)
  • machining on automatic lathes and conventional machine-tools
  • roughing on conventional roughing machines
  • forming on mechanical benders and press-brakes
  • welding on most modern machines

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