Company history

Company history

Founding our own machinery production plant in 2008 was preceded by a long experience of the KB-BLOK system s.r.o. (Ltd) Company with the production of vibro-pressed concrete blocks and cooperation with American companies in the field of machine-building.

The production of the KB-Blok Company, founded in 1991 , takes place on three production lines.

Due to the ever-increasing demands to deliver new moulds of an expanding range of the company products, requests for spare parts and innovation of the existing machinery, a subsidiary company of the existing KB-block Company has been established under the name MOULD MACHINE SERVICES , which greatly accelerated the delivery times of both, the moulds and the spare parts as well as a vigorous formation of facilities for maintenance of existing forms.

Rich experience of the company in the production of a wide range of vibro-pressed concrete blocks is a big advantage, which we also apply in our moulds for vibro-press technology.

Over the years our services have expanded beyond the boundaries of the country our company is located in. Today we supply moulds, machines and spare parts worldwide.

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KB-BLOK parent company

At the beginning of the nineties the KB-BLOK Company was the first to introduce to the Czech market a new masonry system originating from the US, producing vibro-pressed concrete blocks designed for building fences and other structures. The system quickly gained wide popularity on the local market where the walling concrete blocks are now referred to as the “kb blocks.”

In spite of that the KB-BLOK does not rest on its laurels. It is continuously expanding, innovating and perfecting, it products and thanks to its own production of moulds and machines for the production of concrete blocks and other concrete elements it can quickly and flexibly respond to market demands. To satisfy each customer’s needs to the fullest it also supplies complementary products in addition to the main line of products, such a main and side gate of own production to match a newly built wall of kb concrete blocks, or a matching mailbox, fence panels, etc.

    KB-BLOK parent company

    KB-BLOK products portfolio

    • Lidovka and PlayBlok dry walling concrete blocks
    • KB and KB Atlas walling concrete blocks
    • KB concrete bricks
    • finishing elements - wall coping and pillar caps
    • retaining wall concrete blocks
    • garden architecture elements
    • paving
    • transport infrastructure elements
    • accessories - masonry tools, masonry compounds and chemicals, metal accessories, etc
    • fence panels, gates, side gates
    • forged products
    • roofing