Moulds production

Our bespoke design and manufacturing service can offer various mould shapes for vibro-presses. Thanks to their unique design our moulds are easy to repair or modify to meet your new requirements. It also allows customers to modify moulds using their trained technicians.

Thanks to the experience gained from our production plant and a large number of our own moulds of various shapes we can solve even a partial profiling of products’ underside. Our services are wide-ranging and include the development of new moulds, as well as refurbishing, upgrading or modifying a worn mould.

The mould consists of two main parts, the mould head and the mould frame. The shape of the final product is determined by the stacks of sheets in the mould frame; the mould head presses the product from the top using tampers. More >>

1) New moulds

Examples of moulds:

  • Blocks Blocks
  • Bricks Bricks
  • Pavement Pavement
  • Curbs Curbs
  • Walls Walls
  • Cover elements Cover elements

Wear parts are produced using a special technological process through which a very hard surface layer is created on the part thereby increasing the overall service life of the parts.

If there is something you are not sure about we are able to advice you and pass on our years of experience.

2) Existing moulds

  • repairs
  • overhauls
  • innovations

We overhaul worn moulds or individual mould parts. It is not always necessary to purchase a new mould, we will renovate and reassemble your worn mould.

To make your existing mould work better for you we can recommend its upgrade options and implement the agreed modifications.